Senmin manufactures a complete range of varying hydrocarbon chain lengths, namely ethyl, propyl, isobutyl and pentyl.

These products find their application across the entire range of ores beneficiated by flotation, namely base metals, platinum ores etc.

Senmin is fully back integrated with respect to the local sourcing of the raw materials required for the manufacture of the aforementioned xanthates.

products xanthates

All xanthates, with the exception of potassium amyl (PAX) and potassium normal butyl xanthate (PNBX), are available both as pellets and liquids (only in South Africa) as the sodium salt.

Packaging is 25kg and 850kg bulk bags.

The Technical Manager responsible for the product range and the issuing of MSDS and TPD sheets is Mr Richard Bergman.

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Xanthates are supplied in various forms, namely powder, liquid and pellet and are used as bulk sulphide collectors