In an effort to improve the selectivity of xanthates a series of co-collectors has been developed and are manufactured locally by Senmin.

Senkols comprise of dithiocarbamates and formulations with xanthates dithiophosphates of dithiocarbamates and are synthesized from amines and alcohols respectively. Properties can be tailor-made to suite the application by varying the hydrocarbon chain length.

Senkols are used both as partial and full replacement of xanthate such as is the case with Senkol 821, resulting in improved metallurgical performance in respect of grade and/or recovery.

Dithiophosphates exhibit frothing properties which is not the case with dithiocarbamates.

The following is a list of Senkols currently commercially proven, namely Senkol 3, 5,8, 9, 65, 294, 295 and 821

Packaging is drums, 1000kg IBC’s and bulk tankers of tons.

Please contact the Technical Manager responsible for the product range and the issuing of MSDS and TPD sheets Mr Richard Bergman for more information.

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Collectors that boost the performance and selectivity of xanthates