In a world where water is fast becoming one of the most valuable resources, it is more and more incumbent that water is conserved and recovered.

This is achieved through the treatment of the tailings of mining operations with polyacrylamides being dosed in thickeners.

Senmin manufactures the full range of anionic and nonionic Magnafloc® and Senfloc™ polyacrylamides utilizing a, first time in the world on an industrial scale, bio process where the advantages of reduced electricity consumption and close to zero effluent has been achieved compared to the current practise utilizing copper catalysts.

The aforementioned has gone a long way in assisting both Senmin and AECI achieving their respective green chemistry goals.

These products are manufactured in anionic and nonionic forms by polymerisation and copolymerisation of sodium acrylate and acrylamide. Composition can be varied from completely anionic through to totally nonionic with all variations in between, thus producing a spectrum of products with each product having a different performance efficiency under various conditions of solid-liquid separation.

Packaging is in 25 kg, bulks bags of either 700 or 800 kg and in bulk deliveries via tankers.

Please contact Mr Raymond Daubermann, the Technical Manager responsible for the product range and the issuing of MSDS and TPD sheets for more information.

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Recovery of water our most valuable resource