The majority of minerals present in ore bodies beneficiated by flotation consists of unwanted material classified as gangue.

Gangue minerals tend to be naturally hydrophobic and if not suppressed, made hydrophilic, will report to the froth phase thus preventing the collection of the valuable minerals.

Senmin has a state of the art production facility in Sasolburg, South Africa capable of processing any naturally occurring feedstock such as galactomannan, cellulose, starch etc.

The aforementioned polysaccharides are converted into depressants that impart the hydrophilic properties to gangue minerals thereby improving the overall selectivity of the beneficiation process.

The Sendep range currently commercially available and in use by a vast number of concentrators are Sendep 348, 369, 30D, 30E, 30F and 300.

Packaging is in 25kg, 700kg and 1000kg and in bulk tanker loads of 30 tons.

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Fully equipped laboratory for flotation suite design

Please contact the Technical Manager, Mr Richard Bergman, who is responsible for the product range and the issuing of MSDS and TPD sheets for more information.