Breaking new ground

Senmin manufactures and markets a wide range of chemicals for the froth flotation and tailings treatment segments of the mining industry. The company is able to safely handle, distribute and prepare on-site potentially dangerous and difficult chemical reagents and is widely recognized as a leader in this field. The crucial need to improve the utilization of scarce resources, such as water and energy in the mining industry, was amplified during 2007. Senmin’s response to this challenge has been to invest in world-class chemical technology, build new production facilities and expand current capacity. These state-of-the-art production and environmentally responsive investments have started to deliver new specialty products and complement the company’s existing product range in order to meet the growing demands of mines throughout South and southern Africa, Australasia and Chile.

  1. Complete automated chemical preparation and dilution equipment has been and continues to be installed at many local brown and greenfield sites.
  2. Senmin has constructed a biotechnology based polyacrylamide plant which for all intense purposes is a zero effluent plant with an energy consumption that is considerably lower than the current process used globally. Offshore markets are being developed
  3. Expansion of the depressant plant, resulting in a trebling of production capacity, has been completed.
  4. The CS2/Xanthate plants are in full production and Senmin is developing its overseas market for xanthates.