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    About Us

Combining the capabilities in the respective fields of flotation and flocculation, the merged entity now offers a unique solution to the mining client with a cost effective service.

Senmin was a Dow Chemicals business with its roots in Africa’s mining sector based in Sasolburg with chemical production in operation since 1967 mainly producing xanthates, dithiocarbamates, dithiophosphates and frothers. Pelichem has its roots in Allied Colloids with years of service since the early 1970’s in the mining industry of Southern Africa supplying flocculants, polymeric depressants and frothers in bulk utilizing fully integrated storage management systems it had designed and installed on the client’s site.

Senmin Drives Expansion

The company continuously installs integrated bulk storage and automated chemical preparation and dilution equipment at brown and greenfield mine sites.

The construction of a polyacrylamide flocculant plant that utilizes first-in-the-world biotechnology, has been completed and is fully commissioned.

Senmin completed a state-of-the-art guar depressant facility expansion project, utilising existing infrastructure and adding world scale process and milling technology. A bulk handling terminal was also installed, completely integrating the supply chain.

Additional Xanthate capacity was completed, adding a wider range of products to the portfolio. These include sodium based ethyl, propyl,iso-propyl and isobutyl xanthates in pellet form for easy transportation and on-site preparation.

World-class chemical technology for the mining industry.

Senmin has a wealth of expertise in the beneficiation of ore bodies that employ flotation as the primary extractive process. In addition Senmin has the complete range of polyacrylamides from its plant in Sasolburg to assist with the dewatering of mineral concentrates via filtration, settling/thickening of tailings slurries and rheology modifiers for tailings dam construction.