Senmin is a manufacturer and supplier of mining chemicals used in the beneficiation of a wide range of ores such as platinum, copper, zinc, coal etc as well as polyacrylamides used for tailings treatment. In addition Senmin supplies a full service model for the seamless make-up and application of all of its reagents on a 24/7 basis.

The company has invested in state-of-the-art technology, with respect to its new production facilities, to meet expanding mining requirements. These production and technology, environmentally responsive investments will deliver new specialty products and will complement Senmin’s existing product range to meet the growing demands of mines throughout South and Southern Africa, Australasia and Chile.

Senmin drives expansion:

  1. The company continuously installs integrated bulk storage and automated chemical preparation and dilution equipment at brown and greenfield mine sites.
  2. The construction of a polyacrylamide flocculant plant that utilizes first-in-the-world biotechnology, has been completed and is fully commissioned.
  3. Senmin completed a state-of-the-art guar depressant facility expansion project, utilising existing infrastructure and adding world scale process and milling technology. A bulk handling terminal was also installed, completely integrating the supply chain.
  4. Additional xanthate capacity was completed, adding a wider range of products to the portfolio. These include sodium based ethyl, propyl,iso-propyl and isobutyl xanthates in pellet form for easy transportation and on-site preparation.
  5. All expansions are more energy efficient and produce significantly less effluent than the manufacturing process being replaced/upgraded whilst increasing the overall production capacity of Senmin. In addition Senmin’s reliance on imported raw materials has been significantly reduced and in some instances completely removed.